Australia's Safest Piklers

Australian Made Pikler & Montessori inspired products

Welcome to the perfect destination to discover beautifully constructed timber climbing triangles & play equipment for gross motor development. 

Our climbing equipment is all safety tested and certified in Australia for your peace of mind. Certified to both AS4685:2021 (Playground Equipment & Surfacing - Moveable Play Equipment) and AS8124:6 2018 (Safety of Toys - Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use).

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You like to MOOV it, huh?

100% Australian made with the finest natural timber, using premium plywood and native timbers. 

Looking for beautiful toys for babies and toddlers? Our range is something special (if we do say so ourselves). Designed to get your little one moving and exploring and entirely crafted from natural, sustainable materials, our timber play equipment will keep your kids busy and happy without making your home look like a playcentre! We’re proud to say that all of our equipment, furniture and toys for babies and toddlers are locally in Australia made and of the highest quality. Our business is family-owned and run and 100% Australian, and all products are super easy to assemble at home.

Looking for timber furniture for your children’s room? Check out our bookcases, stools and weaning chairs.

After simple, natural toys to help develop your child? Browse through our Pikler toys for babies and toddlers – and be sure to check out our loose parts play options too!

We look forward to helping you to encourage your little explorer to spread their wings and MOOV!

I Can Do Hard Things - printable download
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9 Benefits of Obstacle Courses for Kids

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Why Risky Play should be here to stay

Have you heard of risky play? Maybe, scoffed and thought "it's just play". Or thought "gah, can't we call it something less scary -'tricky play'?". Here at MOOV we think risky play should stay. 

Risky play is here to show us why avoiding risky play is unhelpful for us and our children. Let's find a way to know and accept risky play because calling it something else ("tricky') won't help us overcome the root of our worry. 

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100% Australian

We are a small family business, based in regional NSW -the Northern Rivers.

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously. We support local employment and local manufacturing. That means we use sustainable, locally grown timber that is native to Australia and buy Australian products in our supply chain wherever possible.

We minimise plastic. We support our local community by providing employment in a regional area, and we want to keep manufacturing here in Australia.

Two generations of family work for MOOV baby (& the 3rd Generation is enjoying the benefits).

Your support means the world.