Pikler Climbing Frame Safety: What to Look For

Pikler Climbing Frame Safety: What to Look For

Worried about your little one using a Pikler or wondering what to look for in climbing frame safety? We have written a lot about risky play and are very passionate advocates for free gross motor movement and allowing children the opportunity to learn their physical capabilities independently.

However, there are some risks that children are not able to assess appropriately.

MOOV baby has undertaken the testing and certification to ensure our climbing equipment passes important safety tests to give you peace of mind and your little explorers the freedom to engage in risky play.

We are proud that our climbing equipment has been independently assessed and certified in Australia to both AS4685:2021 (Playground Equipment a& Surfacing - Moveable Play Equipment) and AS8124:6 2018 (Safety of Toys - Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use).

These standards are BOTH voluntary and specifically developed for this type of equipment.

They standards look at several key aspects that should be addressed for moveable play equipment:

  • Entrapment (head, finger and body)
  • Structural load
  • Height limits and requirements for equipment over 60cm high
  • Rounded edges; and more.

When you are purchasing a Pikler or climbing frame take a close look at their safety certification. It is voluntary, so don't assume they have it!

We are proud to be the only choice for many ELCs, Kindergartens and Family Day Cares as well as Paediatric Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists who value the safety of the equipment they purchase highly. We take the quality and safety of our products seriously and we think it shows! 

MOOV baby pieces are designed and made in accordance with these requirements, but importantly their use must also be supervised to ensure appropriate use. This includes providing an impact attenuating surface for products that are above 60 cm in height and clearance around the equipment in case of falls. See product certification details for more details and read all safety guidance provided by MOOV baby.

AS8124 Part 1, 2 & 3 (the Toy Standard) does not cover Play Equipment. In consultation with KidSafe and product certification experts we have been advised that AS4658:2021 and ISO8124:6 2018 are the most relevant and comprehensive standards currently. 

About AS 4685: 2021 Playground Equipment and Surfacing: There is a dedicated section to Moveable playground equipment which covers entrapment, height limits and impact surfaces.

About AS/NZ8124.6:2016, our certification is for:

  1. Domestic use only (AS4685 is for Playground so we have both covered!)

  2. Intended for inside use.

  3. Product is designed for children up to the age of 8 years and a maximum mass of 100kg (please follow recommended usage guidelines).

  4. This product is designed for a maximum of two children at any time. 

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