Learning Tower


Our best ever baby learning tower is designed to foster your child’s spirit of independence, allow them to engage in activities at table or bench height, and save your back all at once – this is one smart piece of furniture!

“Me do it!”

Oh how many times have we heard that!? 

Well the good news is that they can with a little help. Empowering children in the kitchen or bathroom to do it for themselves is a fundamental principle of the Montessori method and between you and me, it also just makes life much easier!

My son also uses this baby learning tower as a castle; apparently that makes me the dirty rascal…. 

Designed to sit under your kitchen island bench, the learning tower is lightweight (9.5 kgs) and portable to move around anywhere it is needed. Your little explorer can climb in and out by themselves (pregnant mum’s rejoice) or with a little help from you for the littlest ones. It has a super handy swing gate safety backing to make sure they stay in! 

The height is adjustable to either 38 or 50 cms from the base; just drop it down as they grow.

Our baby learning tower features gorgeous Australian timber dowels with hardwearing plywood sides. Featuring a new upgraded gate design in the same beautiful Hoop Pine as the rest of the tower! 


Single (includes 1 x Single Sized Learning Tower only):

Weight: 9 kgs

Height: 87 cms x Width: 42 cms x Depth: 40 cms

Double (includes 1 x Double Sized Learning Tower only):

Weight: 12 kgs

Height: 87 cms x Width: 58.5 cms x Depth: 40 cms


  • 18mm Hoop Pine Plywood 

We are proud to produce our products using 100% Australian grown timber. As our materials are natural, and sourced from Australian sustainable forests the timber may differ in colour depending on species and location of the forests. We trust you will embrace the uniqueness of our gorgeous Australian timber.

We do not use any sealants or lacquers on our products, if you wish to seal the product please see our Product Care page for information and our recommended products.

Safety information: 

Read full Safety Guidance information here. 

Both learning towers are weight tested up to 100 kgs, we recommend age appropriate limits for their use (30 kgs for Single, 50 kgs for Double). Their hips should be below the top bar, the platform can be lowered to accommodate this.

Never leave your children unsupervised, within arms reach at all times. The tower should be placed adjacent to a bench for forward facing activities. Leaning backwards or sidewards, or rocking the tower is unsafe and children should be removed from the tower if doing so. Kitchen safety protocols should be followed at all times with age appropriate activities. 

Please note this is not a climbing product, and is not made to be paired with any other climbing equipment in our range. 


PLEASE read our Dispatch & Shipping information prior to ordering HERE.

Delivery time is dependent on your location for delivery. We are only able to use a courier to deliver due to the large size of the items so cannot guarantee delivery times. There are no express shipping services available.


Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews

I like the design and my son loves standing up and being part of meal preps. However, I recommend adding a lock to the little flip door at the back as my son fell out of it ones..


We bought the learning tower to involve my son (14months at the time) more in the kitchen activities. It has certainly helped with that. He is able to climb into the tower himself but cannot get down. The tower is sturdy and appears quite safe. He has enough space to sit in it if he chooses too.

Does the job

A bit uneven on tiles. Perhaps caused by the screw holes not being dead center in the dowels. Finish could be smoother. Also didn’t realize it was plywood when purchasing. So a bit disappointed but it does the job.

Peaceful cooking!

I'm really happy with our learning tower. I bought it for my one year old and we're back to enjoying time in the kitchen together as he loves watching what I'm doing and snacking on what I'm cutting up. I just need to figure out a way to lock the back gate, maybe find some dowl or something to stop in the gaps and he plays with it and has slid out (landing just on his bum but it gave us both a fright).

Lovely item.

We love our learning tower and have used it almost daily since receiving it. Only issue is that it’s quite wobbly and not stable on the e ground. We took it a part and put it back together a few times in case it was set up error but can’t seem to get it stable.