Shape Sorter Collection


Featuring some of the most popular pieces of our collection, this will give your little explorers ALL the thrills. This is our shape sorter collection, and it’s guaranteed to provide your little ones with endless fun!

Save $25 with one of our newest collections. This combination of Pikler Play cube, the ramp/slide and small triangle hits all of the development needs for your littlest explorers and those bigger ones too. The shape sorter collection is a great multi-sensory toy which engages kids in a variety of ways to make sure that they never get bored.

The Shape Sorter collection includes the following items:

  • 1 x Pikler Play Cube of your choice
  • 1 x Ramp or rock ramp of your choice
  • 1 x Mini triangle

Handcrafted in Australia using hardwearing and strong pine with Australian hoop pine dowel rungs, these products are made to last.

    To order: Please select the options from the two dropdown boxes!

    We now have six designs in the Pikler Play Cube available:

    1. Bear hunt: 1 closed side + 1 open side + 2 circle sides + 2 dowel bar sides
    2. Peek-a-boo: 3 circle sides + 1 side 9 small circle cut outs + 1 open side, 1 closed side
    3. Can't stop, won't stop (Minty feature cube): 1 closed side + 2 open sides + 2 circle sides + 1 dowel side.
    4. Peek & Hide: 1 closed side + 1 open side + 2 circle sides + 1 dowel bar sides + 1 side 9 small circle cut outs
    5. Catch me if you can: 2 open sides + 2 circle sides + 2 dowel bar sides
    6. Little Rabbit: 1 open side + 3 circle sides + 1 side 9 small circle cut outs + 1 dowel bar side

    Choose one of the ramp options:

    1. Climbing Ramp: One side half-dowel rungs, one side smooth surface
    2. Rock Climbing Ramp (Various colours): One side rock climbing holds in rainbow, one side smooth surface

    Take a look at our product descriptions for more information on dimensions on each product.

    Items are shipped flat packed for self-assembly.


    • 16mm Hoop Pine Plywood 
    • Solid Hoop Pine Dowels

    We are proud to produce our products using 100% Australian grown timber. As our materials are natural, and sourced from Australian sustainable forests the timber may differ in colour depending on species and location of the forests. We trust you will embrace the uniqueness of our gorgeous Australian timber.

    We do not use any sealants or lacquers on our products, if you wish to seal the product please see our Product Care page for information and our recommended products.


    See our FAQs for information on dispatch & shipping.

    Delivery time is dependent on your location for delivery. We are only able to use a courier to deliver due to the large size of the items so cannot guarantee delivery times. There are no express shipping services available.

    Safety information: 

    All pieces in this collection have been independently tested and certified in Australia to meet AS4685:2021 and AS/NZS8124.6:2016. See here for more information: Safety Testing.

    Climbing equipment should always be placed on a soft but sturdy play surface, never concrete or hard ground. Never leave your children unsupervised. We advise letting them explore freely, but always be within a safe distance to assist them if required.

    As no parts in the collection are above 60cm from the ground a soft free fall zone of 1000 mm around the outside of the pieces is recommended but not required. The pieces have been weight tested to 100 kgs and are suitable for two children at one time (up to age 8 years old).

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Equipment should be kept dry and protected from the elements.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Casey P
    Love it!

    We love our Moov Baby Shape Sorter Collection! Ours thankfully arrived the day our little babe had to go into isolation, she spent the next three days exploring and climbing non-stop. High quality and Australian made, what more could you want? It was definitely the perfect choice for a first birthday present!

    Amazing product

    Our baby is loving the shape sorter collection! Every day she is exploring a little more. It’s incredible watching her challenge herself with this high quality, well made Australian product!
    The customer service was excellent and the set arrived quickly and was simple to assemble.
    I would 100% recommend.

    Great quality

    The pieces are all great quality. Strong, well finished and look like they will be very durable.
    We purchased the shape sorter collection for my daughters first birthday and she has mostly used the triangle as a walker so far, despite being an avid climber. Hopefully she sees its climbing value soon!

    Louise Imlay
    The Stellar Shape Sorter Collection!

    We picked up the shape sorter collection for our toddler to help expand his mobility and he just loves it. He’s enjoying exploring his climbing abilities but also having fun hiding in, and climbing through, and peeking out of his ‘peek and hide’ pikler cube. Fantastic products.

    Katarina Kurupo
    Peek and Hide

    Purchased for our 11 month old boy for his 1st birthday. Peek and Hide with the climbing ramp. He loves the cube, crawls in and.plays with his toys. He likes using the ramp to push his soft cars down and he is still unsure of the mini triangle. Hoping it allows him to explore more freely and feel a litte more bolder. 2 packages arrived 1 day and the 3rd the following day. Great communication. Easy to put together. No need for all the different tools hust the Allen Key. 2 of us out together the cube. Will look at waxing or oiling the set. Would love to extend the play set.
    Love the wood, do recommend