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Due to popular demand you are now able to buy Gilly's products at the same time as buying your MOOV baby equipment!

The timber doesn't need treating. It should be kept dry and protected from the elements, but can be used inside and outside. However, if you would like to treat yours we can highly recommend Gilly's range. 

Why Gilly's? Well, they provide a wonderful food-safe range (which means its great for mouthing babes) and they are an Australian made & owned business. A perfect match for MOOV baby.

We don't lacquer or varnish our equipment or furniture because we have customers who have very specific requirements for their items and what they will use around their children. Often these types of products aren't safe for mouthing babies either. 

We also don’t recommend sealing it with anything that alters the feel of the timber too much (lacquer or varnish). The point of these beautiful pieces is for children to have the grip and feel of natural timber. An oil or wax would be our recommendation.

Please note that these are sent directly to you from Gilly's and may arrive earlier than the rest of your order. 

Hardware stores can also provide good advice if you would like something more hardwearing, noting that some products contain ingredients that might not be suitable for children. 

If you want any further advice on caring for your products please see our FAQs or contact us.  

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