Building Sticks - Loose Parts Play


Stick building blocks? Check. The perfect spines on a playdough echidna? You bet. These hardwood timber sticks are the perfect open-ended toy, with their use only limited by your kiddos vast imagination!

Made from hardwood timber dowel, they can be used in any way your little explorer's imagination takes them. Here at MOOV baby we have been building, knocking down, re-building, stacking, rolling, and using them as part of our small world play set ups.  

Add them to your loose parts play with other natural gorgeous materials and sit back and watch. Loose parts materials are intended to be moved around, designed, deconstructed and redesigned to become much more than they are. They create infinite opportunities for imagination and engagement with the world around.

Our stick building blocks come in a gorgeous calico drawstring bag so your little explorer can take them -and their imagination - everywhere they go.


  • Between 25-28 mm in width
  • 150 mm in length
  • Flattened edge down one side

Safety Information:

Building Sticks are recommended for 3 years and older. This recommendation is a guide only and parents should use their discretion. 

Parental supervision is required. These are not teethers and should not be bitten or mouthed.

Please check the sticks prior to each use. 

Customer Reviews

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These building sticks really are lovely. Apart from the clever design, the size and weight and colour of the timber make them a joy to handle. And I don’t just mean for kids! They build well and are sturdy enough to use with other timber pieces for more complex structures. Brilliant!