Pikler Play Cube


You can’t go over it (well you can actually, give it a try), you can’t go under it (ok you can’t), you’ll have to go through it (you can definitely do that)! Isn’t this baby play cube just gorgeous?

Our baby play cube is designed for the 6 months to 5-year age bracket. The product’s generous size and proportions keep even the biggest explorers engaged, while crawlers and explorers will love crawling through and around the cube and the more adventurous tots can climb up and over.

We have also designed some additional sensory and imaginative play sides as part of our baby play cube for your little one to enjoy posting, peek-a-boo, cubby making, and toy house role-play. The possibilities are all there for your little explorer to discover.

As it is made from natural materials and sourced from Australian sustainable forests, the timber of each baby play cube may differ in colour depending on species and location of the forests. This makes every product unique as a result of the beautiful Australian timber. 

Choose 1 x cube from our SIX available designs:

  1. Bear hunt: 1 closed side + 1 open side + 2 circle sides + 2 dowel bar sides
  2. Peek-a-boo: 3 circle sides + 1 side 9 small circle cut outs + 1 open side, 1 closed side
  3. Can't stop, won't stop (Minty feature cube): 1 closed side + 2 open sides + 2 circle sides + 1 dowel side.
  4. Peek & Hide: 1 closed side + 1 open side + 2 circle sides + 1 dowel bar side + 1 side 9 small circle cut outs

    (p.s. don't see the design you want send us an email!)

    They can be paired together or with the ramp/slide and triangles or boat to create your very own playground. Take a look at our range of play combo packages.

    Made from hardwearing ply, with hardwood Australian timber dowels.


    60 cm cube

    Cubes are shipped flat packed for self-assembly.


    Please note our orders can take 5-10 working days to be dispatched. Thereafter, delivery time is dependent on your location for delivery. We are only able to use a courier to deliver due to the large size of the items so cannot guarantee delivery times. There are no express shipping services available.

    As our materials are natural, and sourced from Australian sustainable forests the timber may differ in colour depending on species and location of the forests. We trust you will embrace the uniqueness of our gorgeous Australian timber. 

    Safety information: 

    Climbing equipment should always be placed on a soft but sturdy play surface, never concrete or hard ground. Never leave your children unsupervised. We advise letting them explore freely, but always be within a safe distance to assist them if required.

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Equipment should be kept dry and protected from the elements.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    So so versatile!

    Absolutely amazing. There are so many play possibilities wit the play cube, from climbing to posting to weaving to counting! It was super easy to put together and is very solid. Solid usually means crazy heavy but it is easy to pick up and move around the house as needed too! A truly amazing piece that will continue to grow with my little ones

    Such a cool item to have!

    My son absolutely loves climbing all over this as well as hiding inside and calls it his "house". It's great to use in a variety of ways too!