Rocking Boat / Steps

Rungs: Boat / Steps with 1+ additional rung

You can call our Baby Rocking Boat whatever you want. A boat. A rocker. Steps. A stage. Either way, the baby rocking boat is the perfect toy for tots!

Handcrafted in Australia using hardwearing and strong ply and Australian timber dowel rungs.

The baby rocking boat is compact and can be stored flat under a bed or inside a cupboard, so it is perfect for apartment-living families, or just those who want to save some space in their living areas.

This multi-functional toy brings out the best in your little ones, mastering new skills of climbing up and down stairs and creating a fun environment for movement and imagination.

Create your own adventure playground with our baby rocking boat, and watch as your children are entertained for hours!


  • 1190mm long x 300mm high x 610mm wide

Items are shipped flat packed for self-assembly.

Please note that one additional rung is provided, and holes to attach it pre-drilled to allow for a ramp or ladder to be attached. This is standard to all boats. 


The current dispatch time is 15 working days, please note this excludes public holidays and weekends. 

Please see our FAQs for more information.

Delivery time is dependent on your location for delivery. We are only able to use a courier to deliver due to the large size of the items so cannot guarantee delivery times. There are no express shipping services available.

We are proud to produce our products using 100% Australian grown timber. As our materials are natural, and sourced from Australian sustainable forests the timber may differ in colour depending on species and location of the forests. We trust you will embrace the uniqueness of our gorgeous Australian timber.

Safety information: 

Never leave your children unsupervised. 

Equipment should be placed on soft, sturdy ground.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Equipment should be kept dry and protected from the elements. 

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