Dream Weaver (Large Waldorf inspired Playstand)

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A Dream to behold, a dream to be under. 

Our new larger height, multi-shelf Waldorf playstand, The Dream Weaver, takes stories and imagination to a new place.

Like it's smaller sibling the unique design inspired by the Waldorf playstand is perfect for open-ended play. It is a room of their very own within which they can create their own narrative - a shop, a house. Semi-enclosed from the outside they can drift away on day dreams to the most magical of places. 

Crafted in Australia entirely from sustainable Australian timber our versatile design can be adapted to your space. Perfect for family daycare, ELCs, kindergartens and home.

Available only as a complete playstand collection (2 shelves, 2 arches and join);


  • Double: 1450mm high x 900 mm wide  x 1560mm length


  • 16mm Hoop Pine Plywood 
  • Solid Hoop Pine Dowels

We are proud to produce our products using 100% Australian grown timber. As our materials are natural, and sourced from Australian sustainable forests the timber may differ in colour depending on species and location of the forests. We trust you will embrace the uniqueness of our gorgeous Australian timber.

We do not use any sealants or lacquers on our products, if you wish to seal the product please see our Product Care page for information and our recommended products.


Designed to meet AS4685:2021 and AS/NZS8124.6:2016. Please note this is not a climbing product, and is not made to be paired with any other climbing equipment in our range. 

This product is not designed for climbing or child loads, other than on the seat. Which has been weight tested to 100kgs. Unintended use is not warranted by certification. Must be used under adult supervision. 

It is designed to be used joined together or against a wall on an even surface if split into two. We recommend fixing it to a wall if using as two individual pieces. Supervision recommended. 


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Delivery time is dependent on your location for delivery. We are only able to use a courier to deliver due to the large size of the items so cannot guarantee delivery times. There are no express shipping services available.

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